The Beauty of Blueberry

Posted by julia on April 29, 2013

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty..."    John Keats, 1819, Ode on a Grecian Urn

We've all heard it said that beauty is only skin deep and most of us believe this to be true--but at Chilli Fusion we've found an exception. 

Our Blueberry and Green Chilli Chutney is both beautiful and good.  Blueberries lend their sapphire hue and fruity freshness to this chutney while the green chillies lift its flavour to a high note softened by a hint of orange blossom.  It's a subtle combination that earns its place on any cheeseboard.  Or try it with roast duck for an effortless sauce.

As John Keats (almost) said:      

                                              Beauty is truth, truth blueberry...

                                                                                                     Taste it and you'll understand!