Take Time for a Picnic

Posted by julia on May 8, 2013

As we stumble out of our winter caves blinking in the sun we realise that this warm, luminous commodity is too precious to waste.  For however long it lasts, this is the moment to enjoy the season and here at Chilli fusion we're ready to go with chutneys al fresco.


We package our chutneys in stay-fresh pots which make them stackable, packable, re-sealable, and mess-free.  They are the perfect way to lift your picnic beyond ordinary.

Grab a pot of our Olives and Green Chilli and a bag of carrot batons and you've got an instant snack as vibrant as summer itself.  Or marinate skewered chunks of lamb in our Mint, Garlic and Green Chilli before sizzling it to perfection on your portable barbecue.

Snack or feast, at home or at the park, savour the moment with Chilli Fusion.