Something new--is it Art or Science?

Posted by julia on May 20, 2013

When it comes to cooking, some say "art" and some say "science."

Maybe you are the Jackson Pollock of the kitchen, hurling a pinch of this and that at the pot.  Or perhaps you prefer the certainty of measuring, levelling all your teaspoons with a knife.  Whether you think cooking is an exercise or an adventure, Chilli Fusion's newest product could be your fail-safe dish. 

Our new Chick Pea Curry is a study in subtlety with a tomato-based sauce that will suffuse you with warmth, gently.  The flavour is balanced while its fresh green chilies entice the chick peas to complement anything you put them next to, the perfect side dish.

Or, give way to your own creative streak and add Chick Pea Curry to chicken breasts sauteed with onions for an instant week-night casserole.  It's an experiment to inspire even Professor Brian Cox with wonder.

With chilli Fusion, the most careful cook can create.