Fresh, Delicious, and Gold

Posted by julia on April 22, 2013

Winner of the Great Taste Gold Award

Innovation has been rewarded here at Chilli Fusion.  Our Garlic and Black Pepper Chutney won the Great Taste Gold Award, 2012.  We're looking for more recognition in 2013.'s not just the taste that makes Garlic and Black Pepper a winner.  It can be the centrepiece for your signature dish.

Use it to marinate chicken breasts or brush it on steaks for a barbeque with pizzazz.  Or drizzle it over steamed vegetables to bring out their savoury smack.  You might be asked, "Is this really broccoli?"  Just give them your secret smile and pass the bowl for seconds.

Make yours a winning dish with Chilli Fusion where chutney goes beyond the expected.