Posted by julia on May 14, 2013

Careful planning leads to surprise.

The British are well known for their ability to improvise.  But at Chilli Fusion we understand that such carefree abandon sometimes benefits from a little tactical intervention, especially when it's your turn to rustle up dinner.

Chicken again?  How to make it exciting?  Keep a pot or two of Chilli fusion--much more than chutney--in your refrigerator.

Marinate chicken in Chilli Fusion's Yoghurt, Garlic, and Green Chilli, then thread on skewers with yellow peppers and courgette chunks, for a healthy barbeque.  Or, if the British weather is not cooperating, throw it all in an oven tray for a quick-baked supper.

Go on, be prepared to improvise with Chilli Fusion!