Chilli Fusion - The brand

The Story of Chilli Fusion

Chilli Fusion is the vision of Kaneez Kishver, a Yorkshire mother of six children who was inspired to imagine a culinary world beyond fish fingers in her Saltaire kitchen.

Commended by Mood Food Magazine 2011 as one of the country’s best—they placed it in the top six nationwide

With pots boiling, the counters abundant with fresh herbs, the air redolent with the tang of chilli, she set about creating a new range of healthy, preservative-free chutneys. The result is Chilli Fusion, the company whose range of chutneys was commended by Mood Food magazine in 2011 as one of the country’s best—they placed it in the top six nationwide.


Chutney is just the beginning

Kaneez launched her culinary adventure when she began experimenting with ingredients and flavours until she achieved just the right balance. The end product, healthy, fresh, and innovative, is the Chilli Fusion range of what Kaneez calls "more than" chutneys. The Chilli Fusion range has its roots in the traditional realm of what we know as chutney but its branches have gone beyond the boundaries of that preserve. Chilli Fusion embraces the unexpected, by introducing blueberries, for example, or olives, with unique results. Our innovative flavour combinations will take you beyond chutney.


So what is "more than" chutney?

Chilli Fusion will enhance your menu from hors d'oeuvres to the main course and beyond to your cheese tray for "afters." With Chilli Fusion, you've got options. For example: Need a quick hors d'oeuvre? Mix your Chilli Fusion flavour of choice with a little crème fraiche or yogurt and you've made a dip for crudités, crisps, or poppadums, a spread for bruschetta, or a dressing for a salad.

Chilli Fusion is more than chutney. Let it surprise you.

Next, use Chilli Fusion chutney in the main course as a marinade for steak, fish, and chicken. You can also brush it onto meat or fish as it cooks on the barbeque. Combined with mayonnaise it makes an imaginative accompaniment to a bowl of chips that puts tomato ketchup to shame. Finally, one of the fruit based chutneys, perhaps apple, or blueberry, will complement any cheese on your board, soft, hard, or blue, as you finish your meal with a flourish. Chilli Fusion is more than chutney. Let it surprise you.


Healthy and Fresh

Kaneez values a no-nonsense approach so she ensures that Chilli Fusion chutneys contain the highest quality ingredients—and that's all. There are no artificial preservatives, flavourings or colours. At Chilli Fusion, we let nothing get in the way of the fresh ingredients because we're determined to keep our flavours and colours clear and intense.